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Mystic 2013

Zippi, Jan 30, 13 5:30 AM.

It's a new year!

So many of you may have noticed that our guild is growing rather rapidly, because the server population appears to be growing strongly again :D

This unfortunately means we are not quite as well communicated as I’d like with our different time-zones so I’d like to put some information up on this website so that everybody knows the same things ^_^ The great thing is you don’t even have to sign up to this website! I leave most things open to public so that you can all view it without signing up. For those of you who do choose to sign up can leave comments and start your own threads etc, I would also take note on it and appreciate it ^^

We are, and have been for a while, part of the Wakfu Alliance which is run by JerryDB. This is an alliance of a collection of guilds that play together and do events etc. So if ever your looking to make new friends in Wakfu, the alliance members are always a good place to start. JerryDB runs a mumble server, the information to that server is in the post below but you must be signed up on the enjin website and join the alliance first to acess the info. Or you can ask me in-game. I'm not going to put it up on this website as anyone can view it.


Guild Bank:

Mumble Server Info:  (You must sign up to enjin forums and then join the alliance, wait to be accepted, then acess this link here)


Welcome to Mystic

Zippi, Dec 1, 12 12:42 AM.
Welcome to the Mystic homepage everybody! 

This is where you can find all the information in regards to the guild and such. I will be keeping most of the forums open so that you don't actually have to sign up to this website to see the major stuff that we post =] 

Important Links:

Wakfu Forums:
Wakfu Wiki:" target="_blank">
Wakfu Elements:" target="_blank">
The Wakfu Alliance:" target="_blank">
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